Hope you all are having a great sunday! So today like the title says, trying the grenades, that’s exactly what’s happening in this video.

Martina (photographer) have done it twice before and you can read here about how it went that day for her ?

So, this was last week, a sunday and we were doing a photoshoot with the beautiful model Elin H from Sweden models.
Martina wanted some smoke in the background and that’s what I tried to give her.

This was really fun, but those smoke wasn’t that wow to breathe in tho…?

I might not be yet a pro on smoke grenades, but I’m totally sure I will be soon with Martina. ?

Hope you enjoy this video as much as I did and thank you Martina once again for a fun photoshoot.
(A little bad quality, it was our phone we captured this moment with. Huge Thanks to the models mom who captured it for us. ?)